Meet the Akoin Ambassadors: Zen Thusi

My name is Zen Thusi, a humanitarian activist, fashion designer and a businesswoman born and bred by a single parent in the northern KwaZulu- Natal town of Pongola. One day I left home to pursue my career in Gauteng province where I grew strong and became a woman who values oneness, equality and youth empowerment.

I am the chairperson of Zen ‘The seed’ Foundation, a nonprofit organization that originates from the values of assisting in bridging the gaps in depression, suicide, rape victims, youth empowerment orphans and vulnerable children and more. I wouldn't say I actively solve the problems but the projects I am involved in do decrease the number of problems we face. Creating awareness and introducing ways to fight what our community face plays a vital role in bringing positive change. Faith, dedication, and hard work inspire me and seeing someone who comes from difficult challenges and making something out of their lives proves that anything you put your mind to is possible.

“Akon has become the voice of Africa, a voice he now shares with the rest of the world.” - Zen Thusi

I follow Akon on social media and as a result I was fortunate to come across content on Akoin this year. A lot of youth in my community do not know much about investments, I believe Akoin would endorse them to teach other members of the community about investments, where to invest, how to invest and when to invest. It will provide tools and services for upcoming entrepreneurs on how to spend, save and earn.

I became an Akoin Ambassador to improve my entrepreneurial skills and empower my investment skills in order to spread the awareness back into my community. Being an ambassador has been welcoming, educational and exciting and I look forward to working with the Akoin foundation.

What I would like to say it is a great initiative. A lot of people are only slowly still not aware of it. Gaining more knowledge would help me teach more business associates, youth and entrepreneurs whom I know would love to donate and play part in this project. I believe this program will liberate Africa and as a whole, our future generation.

Alfred Ipinge