Meet The Akoin Ambassadors: Songo Francis

My name is Songo Kangni Francis and I’m originally from Togo but now I live in the Nigerian city of Port Harcourt. I am a teacher by profession, speak both French and English and hold a Higher National Diploma in Electrical Electronics Technology from Federal Polytechnic Nekede. I also serve as a motivational speaker and leadership coach in my community; and, I have successfully organized several seminars across my community with a focus on helping less-privileged students financially with the little that I have and also help individuals understand their God-given purpose in life. As an extension to my already existing community activities, I also organize free mathematics and physics lessons for secondary students twice a month and encourage them along their academic journey.

I envision a world where peace and prosperity are upheld, and believe this is possible without violating fundamental human rights. This has propelled me to care passionately for the development of every individual around me. I am a results-driven person and I enjoy watching my community prosper. When I feel that people are growing around me, it motivates me to work harder.

 “Akon is a man of integrity and people support leaders that have integrity and have the well-being of people in their hearts.”

I am an avid consumer of motivational content and while watching videos I came across videos of Akon and a new African cryptocurrency, Akoin. Akon has seen that the future of Africa is in the hands of the youth, and being a youth myself, I immediately identified with the cryptocurrency initiative. The advent of Akoin will assist African governments to develop skills previously held in other parts of the world, and I believe this will result in institutional growth, and as a result, job creation for the unemployed. I joined the Akoin ambassadorial program because I always wanted Africa to change but felt we lacked in critical areas -- areas I believe we will find with Akoin.

People like organizations with a visions, but no organization has such a great vision as Akoin. A great and transparent vision attracts people to support it. Research has brought me to a very important awareness about Akoin’s development; their alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. With this alignment, Akoin plans to support and help activate 2 Million CEOs in aims to close the projected 50 million job gap in Africa by 2030. This is important to me, because I have seen first-hand how unemployment negatively affects our young people.

I am having a good experience as an Akoin Ambassador. I have met so many other ambassadors that are determined to work hard to make this vision come true and that means a lot to me. I believe with Akoin, the future of Africa is so bright! Akon has proven he can change Africa with his previous work, and now it is our time to follow suit. We have a great charge to support him and participate in helping attain this new vision for African development. 


Being an Ambassador opened doors for me to a world of possibilities and experiences. In my case, I have met many people determined to work hard to make the Akoin vision come true and being from Africa, that matters to me. The program has opened my eyes to how much I truly enjoy being an active member in my community; soon, Africa is going to be a better place for all people. 

Alfred Ipinge