Meet The Akoin Ambassadors: Ernest Lassman

My name is Ernest Lassman. I was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo but now live in the Belgian capital, Brussels. Having studied Business Management, I developed my skills in Business Development, particularly in areas of Logistics Management, Sales Management and HR Management. 8 years of experience has allowed me to draw a wealth of cultural knowledge and as a result I can speak 6 languages. Now, I am pursuing a degree in Public Relations and tutoring to improve my communication skills.

As a business developer, people in my community often ask me how to increase their profits.

I analyze their way of operating and give possible solutions. Thanks to my experience in big companies like ICF (International Community Foundation), USG People and EBP (European and Belgian Public Procurement), I have acquired the knowledge on how a struggling businesses can increase profits by improving working efficiency and people management.

I discovered Akoin for the first time in 2017. An amazing blog post about Akoin caught my attention. There was no website at first, so I was watching interviews on Akoin to gain further information. Months went by and I was observing attentively as more and more Akoin information was being released. It was just a matter of time before I finally saw an invitation to the Token of Appreciation (TOA) campaign.

“I want Akoin to become the currency for Africa and beyond” - Ernest Lassman

With Akoin’s peer to peer (P2P) lending through its Dapp ecosystem, there will be an increase in international investments for and from initiatives in Africa. For example, Belgian citizens could instantly interact and ask for credit from a young African entrepreneur and send it instantly over the blockchain.

Over the years, there has been much news of inequality and mismanagement of resources in Africa. I believe Akoin will make it possible to instill transparency in governments that are rife with mineral exploitation. This is the perfect way to fight illegal trade within the African continent. With hopes that the Akoin ecosystem will be launched soon, I anticipate security within the Akoin blockchain, which will create volumes of increase to the Akoin’s monetary value.

With the Akoin Ambassador program, I received the chance to create a strong network of people focused on increasing the welfare of neglected people in Africa and beyond. I value Akoin a lot, so for me, it’s a privilege to be an Ambassador. I hope one day I will be more than a volunteer, by earning my place in the organization as an employee or partner.

I think people really share in Akon’s aspirations for a future Africa and particularly making Akoin a reality. Akon has conducted great work for Africa and has gained the support of many on the continent. Although Akoin is in its infantile stage, the importance of blockchain technology in Africa should not be underestimated.

Most of the people who donate to the Akoin Foundation’s Token of Appreciation campaign want to create change in Africa. They want Africa to have its own digital currency and secured blockchain ecosystem. The Akoin Foundation Ambassador program allowed for a platform for many people from different walks of life to share content and learn from each other. So far, I have gained a lot and I am impressed to see how fast we are evolving.

The recent political reform in the Democratic Republic of Congo could offer Akoin new opportunities for exposure. I intend to take advantage and offer Akoin as a solution to many of the problems we experience.

Alfred Ipinge