Meet The Akoin Ambassadors: Anele Ncamane

I am Linthco Anele Ncamane also known as Unathi. I’m a 35-year-old South African, born and raised in Gamalakhe, Kwazulu Natal. I have a diploma in both IT and traffic law enforcement. I am a proud father of 2 children and engaged to a beautiful woman.

For the past 12 years, I have been employed by our local government as a traffic officer and I often look back at the opportunity afforded to me by my late mother at birth and have now grown to appreciate her teachings, without which I wouldn't be where I am today; may her soul rest in peace. My father chose to leave me with the responsibility of the household where I now live with my wife and kids.

Besides working for my local government, I have been an active participant in my community creating programs that develop business ideas and helping the youth live positive lives. I am also a co-founder of a music production and invest in different startups. It was during this process I developed the ambition to become an entrepreneur.

With all the potential we had as teenagers, the environment was not as conducive for young people to thrive because of our political history. So from all the endeavors we cultivated, it was impossible to reach any economic level because we had no financial support.

The current cost of doing business in our country is too high. As a result, we (youth) opted to find jobs so that we could finance our lifestyles and ambitions. I have helped young people pursue careers in the arts and creative business sectors with business skills and information with some excelling despite their challenges. I enjoy helping others unlock their 2 potential and I believe through entrepreneurship, this can be achieved on a larger scale.

Watching Akon’s interviews online was the first time I heard about Akoin and I was generally excited about the build-up towards the cryptocurrency. Ever since then, I have started saving and being more observant of opportunities like this.

“Akoin will restore Africa’s dignity, increasing Africa’s buying power and allowing Africans ownership over their own resources” - Anele Ncamane

Having done research on Akoin, I noticed one of their goals is to create 2 million CEOs by 2030. What excites me about this goal is that our president has been quoted saying the exact same message. For now, certain cryptocurrencies are generally considered a safe haven, however, in my community it is a relatively new concept because the South African government has only recently started the formal authorization for crypto asset services to begin operating. I intend to spread the Akoin word throughout my community and show community members the benefits of participating in such an initiative.

Many of our resources no longer belong to us, which has caused divided opinions -- often built around corrupt and discriminatory economic systems. In the future, Akoin could elevate many of these problems, so my outlook is positive because I believe many will realize the importance of this initiative to their ambitions.

I want to make a mark in Africa by using this initiative as it develops into one of the most influential crypto currencies of our time. I believe Akoin will set the benchmark for Africa’s future development into crypto operated markets.

I have seen Akon grow from a musician to a businessman to a humanitarian. I was impressed by how he overcame his adversaries as an African in the Diaspora. This is why I applied to join the Akoin Ambassadorial Program, I trust his work ethic. He has proved that he can compete with the elites of the world and still be connected to the “African Dream”.

The Akoin Foundation Ambassadorial Program has been enlightening thus far, and I’m learning more about how Akoin is being received in other parts of the world. It feels good helping others understand this initiative and as a result I'm learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain every day.

Alfred Ipinge