Meet The Akoin Ambassadors: J'vaise Jackson

J'vaise Jackson hails from the city of London in the United Kingdom. At an early age, his sheltered life had given him few opportunities to get involved in global issues. However, with access to online information, his passion to become a global citizen grew and soon after he was networking with individuals around the world.

Jackson currently works as a cryptocurrency trader and, in his spare time, volunteers to teach others to trade.

“Crypto traders and investors need access to adequate education relevant to their surroundings,” he says. “Knowledge around crypto fundamentals, risk management, and best trading practices are lacking especially in developing countries.”

Being involved in cryptocurrency on a daily basis, he is often immersed in cryptocurrency trends held in news forums and, as a result, was able to discover articles on Africa’s new emerging cryptocurrency, Akoin.

“Africa has so much to offer the world, now it has Akoin.” - J’vaise Jackson

“Before I was lucky enough to become part of the highly motivated team of ambassadors, I experienced the interaction the Akoin team would have with stakeholders on social media. With the amount of love and support from everyone internationally, it seemed to go without saying that the whole Akoin Team was doing a fantastic job,” says Jackson.

This propelled him to dive deeper, and he pounced on the Akoin Foundation ambassadorial program believing it offered him the opportunity to be part of an initiative that creates long-lasting change through blockchain technology.

“I’m a big believer in ‘being the change you want to see’,” continues Jackson. “That’s why I decided to apply for the program.”

Getting to know people is where Jackson’s passion lies; it is truly what makes him tick. This is why he says he enjoys the Akoin Ambassadorial program — he finds it brings many people with different frames of references together to achieve a common goal, the realization of Akoin.

“Africa has an abundance of resources that can be used to the benefit of Africans and help the continent flourish to its highest potential,” says Jackson. “This, In turn, will help millions of people with opportunities to improve their lives. I’m confident that the Akoin Foundation will continue to change the world for better, one Akoin at a time.”