Celebrating Freedom Across the Oceans

Knowing where you come from does not make you less African, but knowing who you are WILL make you more Human. — Dominique Pierre

Have you ever wondered how and why it is even possible that the enslavement of African people ever happened? How rich is the heritage our Ancestors left for us? Have you ever dreamt of what happened to our Ancestors and what, we, as the new generation have the responsibility to offer today?

What will our legacy be to the next generation of Africans all around the world?

Colonization and slavery have been part of our history. That is a fact. And it is our duty to commemorate this. But it is not enough to simply perform this duty once a year.

Today, on Freedom Day, on Juneteenth, while much attention is being paid to Freedom, let us remember to rejoice in our Freedom every day. Let us fight to retain it and root for it in every place and every part of society where people do not experience Freedom. Let us transcend time and history to honor our Heritage every day by speaking the language of Freedom, and doing the work Freedom demands of us.

Although religions, currencies, languages, cultures and appearances still too often divide us, WE are united in our History. Africans exist all around the world. Though it may not always be visible, many of us share the gene of a common ancestor. Each of us has the opportunity to join together and celebrate the history of those who fought, who suffered, and who persevered despite unfathomable circumstances.

Together, on this day and all days, let us be a living monument to the memory of those in our collective human history. Let us share and celebrate the Survivors of Slavery and the Heroes of Freedom.

I am proud to be an Akoin ambassador and to celebrate Freedom in large part because I am a Human Rights Activist. I work daily for the betterment of humanity’s circumstances from my home of Mauritius, an island nation that is sometimes overlooked, but is at the center of much dialogue and debate about Freedom’s true meaning and historical due.

I believe in the value of economic, social, and political Freedom. The Freedom of Being Human. It is a calling I seek to share across boundaries — across the ocean, across all of Africa, across the Diaspora. Our ancestors starved for Freedom. Today, at Akoin, we honor this legacy by working to bring about a slice of economic Freedom. We have this opportunity today with Akoin, led by our Chief Visionary, Akon. He is doing so much to bring us together to acknowledge and own the fact that we are the builders of a new and prosperous African world. And it is for us to step into our Destiny.

Remind yourself today that Africa has not only land nor ocean but also the Moving Force — the Power of its People. And that Africa and Africans are Beloved by not only those who look to Africa as their home and heritage — but by so many more humans who are honored to come alongside and embrace this Force.

The Akoin Ambassador team is on the point of the ship, helping steer the economic shift for African people.

For myself, this year, from my place on that ship, I look not only backwards, but I am inspired to look forward. Next year, in 2020, we will celebrate Freedom in the Indian Ocean by welcoming people from all over the world to join us on a journey to reconnect with Africa as part of an initiative called the FREEDOM PORTAL. This will be a journey into the modern self, rooted in history. We aim to connect all Africans who have been separated and are currently on opposite sides of the globe through an experience that enables everyone to feel a sense of history and connection. As with my role as an Akoin Ambassador, I see the FREEDOM PORTAL as a way I can help to promote hope and inspiration. We seek to bring an end to all the suffering of racial discrimination and to ease the burden of the legacy of historical slavery, and to open a portal to a new dimension of hope.

We are building a historic and symbolic platform of freedom and we are inviting you to look forward not only the land but also the ocean of Africa, the Indian Ocean, and connect to your source of Prosperity.

Wishing you all a Happy Freedom Day. May you have the certainty to know that we are all Africans in the Prosperous African World…

Happy Juneteenth Brothers and Sisters.

Greetings from the Akoin Ambassador of Mauritius, Dominique Pierre. 

Greetings from the African Islands of the Indian Ocean.

Dominique Pierre