Meet Our Akoin Ambassadors: Thabang Matlou

This year marks the beginning of greener pastures for the less fortunate as Akoin appears to give opportunities to young, rising entrepreneurs like myself.

As a young graduate from the University of Limpopo, born and raised in a rural area of South Africa, I had little hope for my prospects, and I was agitated by the conditions I was living in until Akoin emerged. I did not hesitate to take the opportunity of being an Akoin Ambassador at its first issuing. Knowing that I'll be provided the tools to thrive with enormous strides forward, I jumped all in.

Akoin, as a new cryptocurrency from visionary entrepreneur, musician, and philanthropist Akon, has increased exponentially in terms of the Ambassadors movement in just a short period of time. Being one of the very first Ambassadors selected among an exclusive group of just 12 early Ambassadors, I have already witnessed great changes due to the effort being put in by our innovative members.

The Ambassadors are freely sharing the knowledge that they've acquired from various aspects of life and the movement is escalating to become a player on the world economy and bring this project to its full enormous scale and potential.

Realizing that there was an opportunity to help our fellow South Africans learn more about how they can get involved with Akoin, my fellow local Ambassadors Zen Thusi, Unathi Ncamane, and I took the initiative to create a Facebook page called, “Akoin South Africa”. With this page, we seek to reach more young entrepreneurs at a close range and bring them into this world of possibilities. This is just one of the many exciting activations we are working on for our region.

I'm very thankful to be part of Akoin Crypto Ecosystem Ambassador movement. I know it will bring the best out of me to be a better person in future.

Thabang Matlou