Akoin, A Coin for the Future of Africa

By Dr Winluck Shayo, Founder – AfyaTrack

Akoin Ambasador for Tanzania + United Kingdom

I am from Tanzania, an East African country on the verge of bursting to becoming a mid-economy country through industrialisation. Ten years ago industrialisation was a far-fetched goal as the backbone of the nation was still agriculture, mainly food crop farming with few cash crops to makes ends meet. A normal household was living on under a dollar per day with more than 80% of the population being farmers. I am not saying agriculture has been abandoned, but a newer form, a modern form of agriculture practice is being embraced to push the country forward towards production and supply to cater our own needs rather than depending on importation.

In Tanzania like most African countries we have what are called short-sighted goals, or rather, projects which will push the politicians towards the next election and ensure a win. One should be able to argue that in the presence of good leadership, corruption and bureaucracy can be minimized. While this holds some truth, it’s highly questionable. Just few years ago democracy gave us an exceptional leader in Tanzania, a leader who stands up for what he says and delivers accordingly. However, some still don’t trust his moves and crave more transparency and an open-ended government regime, answerable to its taxpayers.

Akoin, led by its Chairman, Akon, is on a race to offer a solution that Africans can utilise to the said advantage of transparent and open democratic government leadership. We can all smile and enjoy the benefits of Akoin from a business point of view, but we should never pay a blind eye on how we can integrate its philosophy in politics, and eventually government transparency, to its taxpayers.

It’s very uncommon to get a political solution to one’s problem from a non-political team, but may be that is what Africa needs. As most politicians are biased by the western agendas, Africans should sit down and pull our strengths together and contemplate where we stand in the chess game. Which move should we take and which move ought we spare for later?

Akoin offers a prestigious opportunity for us to research back, and to analyse the present time while planning for the future as to where we stand, who we can partner with, who we can sell our resources to and, eventually, to make sure we are in control of the resources to empower our society and community. This can be achieved in many ways, but with Akoin the political barrier is disrupted and financial inclusion is a possibility. We can make sure every individual is included in shaping the future while bureaucracy and corruption is being scrutinized and, if it happens, it is more easily exposed and dealt with. 

For any society to thrive and excel in this century and beyond, there is a need for entrepreneurs and innovators. These are the people who act as think tanks of the society and risk takers at the same time. While taking risks to start and operate business in new environments requires commitment and perseverance, entrepreneurs need a platform which is fail-proof and designed to ensure success. Imagine a platform where Africans as a society are responsible for gathering its innovators, investors and entrepreneurs, then equipping them with skills and financial capabilities so that they can mature their projects and/or businesses as solutions to our African needs — by Africans for Africa — and all of this is financed and any monetary exchange is through the Akoin cryptocurrency ecosystem.

There is power in transparency, there is power in tracking systems, and there is power in a uniform and unitary financial digital ecosystem. Ten years from now this ecosystem will transform Africa, not only economically but socially and politically. With Akoin, a seller from Zimbabwe will be able to sell his or her products to Egypt without ever worrying about exchange rates, transfer fees, working days and even international money bank-approvals. This is when Akoin will ensure free trade and business transparency, enabling our economy to shoot up to the stars.

I believe Akoin to be independent but yet integrated to our daily life to the point where one cannot avoid it. Africans will never live without it, while the rest of the world cannot trade with us without it. That is when Africa will have claimed back its resources and played the best chess move on the economy game.

Hello again, and welcome to #Akoin. The cryptocurrency ecosystem for the future of Africa is knocking on our doorstep. It is up to us to give it a warm welcome and make it feel at home. Entrepreneurship will shape Africa but Akoin is the ecosystem that will unite all Africans and uplift each country accordingly. Akoin will offer this unity and transparency that Africa desperately requires. Akoin will be the second best invention to ever happen from Africa, since the ability to control fire, centuries ago.

Dr. Winluck Shayo