Current Campaign

Activate our Akoin Entrepreneurs!


The Campaign:

Together, we can help lift up entrepreneurs in rising economies like Africa and beyond and make sure they get the chance they deserve to become the business leaders of our future.

We appreciate you, our Akoin supporters!

Our Inaugural TOA campaign raised over $167k! Thank you all for your support! These funds will go toward the building of the Akoin platform and launch of the Akoin cryptocurrency. This is the technical heart of the Akoin ecosystem and will help jumpstart our philanthropic programming.

You can still be part of the movement: Help Activate our Akoin Entrepreneurs today!

Our Goal: Create immediate opportunities for young African entrepreneurs to learn, earn, save and grow. Your gift will help us directly fuel our Akoin Ambassador Program -- our first program from our Akoin Foundation that uplifts rising entrepreneurs directly.

Help us continue to build a vibrant eco-system of Akoin learning and earning opportunities for our trusted Ambassadors! 

To show our #appreciation, for every $1 USD donation made during the Ambassador Activation campaign (up to $500KUSD raised), donors will receive 3 Akoin ‘tokens’ of appreciation. (Note: an Akoin TOA is a cryptocurrency token which carries no monetary value at the present time.)

(After we reach our $500K USD goal, TOAs will be gifted at different tiers. You can read more about the campaign and these tiers in the FAQs.)

How You can help:

We are running a crowd donation campaign to help us jumpstart progress towards this goal.

Show your #appreciation and support for the Akoin Ambassador mission by making a donation to our campaign or by making a gift in honor of entrepreneurs or someone who’s been a role model or inspiration to you.

Your gift will help:

  • Fund programs that offer business and skills development for our Akoin Ambassadors -- learning, marketing, community building and earning opportunities for this amazing group of entrepreneurs!