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Akoin Ambassador Team



The Akoin Foundation exists to empower young entrepreneurs first in Africa, and as we grow, in other lean and rising economies, to start and build businesses and create sustainable communities.

But we know it is not enough to just talk the talk.

We must walk the walk.

That’s why Akoin Foundation began the Akoin Ambassadors program.

Our Ambassadors are an entirely volunteer force, rigorously selected for their skills, potential, and passion for Akon and the opportunity Akoin presents for entrepreneurs in every African nation. Our ambassadors also see the future for Akoin outside of Africa: across the diaspora and in many other nations with rising economies.

Ambassadors are a special group of people. We are fun, committed, and massively energetic.

We always look after one another and help each other. We steward our extended Akoin community with this same spirit. We always operate with 100% integrity. We go the extra mile to help people learn about, and be part of Akoin, in a safe, trusted way.

Akoin Ambassadors are entrepreneurs, and we recognize that for many of the 100+ members of our team, their Akoin Ambassadorship represents an opportunity to gain new skills and connections that will ultimately help them develop new business ventures as part of the Akoin Ecosystem.

While Akoin Ambassadors contribute in many ways, today, they are laser-focused on helping us accomplish the goals of our Token of Appreciation Campaign and reach our goal of $1MM in donations.

Interested in becoming an Ambassador? Click here ou en français, içi.